MATCHER wants to change the way foreigners buy the destination Brazil

First edition will happen in February 2019, in Fortaleza, with 150 international tour operators 

Representatives from major airlines operating in Brazil were the first professionals to know MATCHER – Travel Business Opportunities during an event in São Paulo. The initiative is a result of the union of three professionals who are references in the Travel and Tourism industry: Jeanine Pires (ex-Embratur and director at Pires e Associados), Ana Maria Donato (ex-Disney and director at Imaginadora) and Guillermo C. Alcorta (president at Panrotas Editora). 

“MATCHER was born to be efficient and in synchrony with the new demands and digital resources to filter and segment businesses. We will use an innovative platform to schedule meetings, capable to control an agenda and also encourage negotiations and suggest meetings based on users´ mutual interests. At MATCHER, we use four words guiding our days: relevance, quality, effectiveness and continuity. Our business is to generate results for international buyers and Brazilian suppliers in the Tourism sector “, stated Ana Maria Donato, whose mission is to organize and take care of the content curation. 

The objective of MATCHER is to be a platform of virtual and face-to-face business, which identifies and connects business interests between Brazilian suppliers and international buyers of tourism products and services.  

Fortaleza was the city chosen to host the first edition of MATCHER on February 19-20. “Fortaleza is the main gateway to the Northeast region for foreign tourists, with 40 weekly international flights and more to come. It is a spectacular region, which grows each day with private and state government investments. It makes sense that we enjoy the good moment of this region”, said Guillermo C. Alcorta. 


Helping the country´s consolidation in the global travel market, the entrepreneurs also united to cover another Market gap: the way business is done in Brazil. Keeping the distance from the promotion-only formula adopted by other events, MATCHER opens the path to introduce the concept of pre-scheduled meetings among professionals, based on profile and interests of each side. 


During the first edition, the goal is to gather between 100 and 150 international buyers for pre-scheduled meetings with suppliers from all over Brazil. Dynamic and highly organized, the business platform promises to surprise for its effectiveness in generating contacts and partnerships that will be built during two days of work. 

“We are in touch with 25 international markets, searching for excellent buyers for the Brazilian products. At the same time, we exhibit the country as a diversified destination, with options with sun and beaches, culture, gastronomy, sports, nature, business, MICE… The domestic market grew and got more professional in the past years, providing unique experiences to any traveler. With MATCHER, we want to join the best professionals to create a highly qualified business atmosphere, selected according to the entrepreneurs´ interests. The expectations are great “, concluded Jeanine Pires, specialist in destination Marketing and Promotion. 

From now on, the team at MATCHER will travel the country for a series of meetings with entrepreneurs from different segments in the industry. The presentations aim to attract suppliers that are aligned with the platform´s proposal. To know details about the full schedule or request a meeting, please send an email to 



 Ana Maria Donato 

Meeting designer, Public relations and journalists, Ana Maria Donato is specialized in destination marketing, event concepts and content curation. More than personal qualities, the entrepreneur holds domestic and international cases that accredit her as a reference in the segment. By combining creativity and experience, she proves that there is always room to innovate and surprise. 

Jeanine Pires 

With an admirable career in leading projects targeted to destination Marketing and Promotion, Jeanine Pires is, today, one of the references in the Brazilian travel industry. Connoisseur of the distribution chain, Jeanine is one of the rare professionals with free access to all segments in the domestic and international markets, helping companies and destinations reach above average results.  

José Guillermo Condomí Alcorta 

One of the most influential people in the Brazilian Tourism and Travel industry, Guillermo C. Alcorta was born in Buenos Aires. He traded his country for the opportunities he foresaw in Brazil, land of his mother´s family. The experience gained during strategic meetings with leaders and congressmen positioned Guillermo in the front row among entrepreneurs who, like himself, see tourism as a unique opportunity to push Brazil towards a new economic, political and social era.  



The literal meaning of the word “match” can be tied to the verb “combine”, in a sentimental way. Today, the expression is widely used in relationship apps all around the world, and served as the main inspiration for the entrepreneurs, who gave a professional tone to the term. Therefore, MATCHER refers to the person responsible for bringing Together to parties interested in doing business – in this case, buyers and suppliers of the Travel and Tourism industry. 


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