Mobility in Brazil: applications that make your visit easier!

Matcher – Travel Business Opportunities is drawing near and it’s time for the final details!

It is also the moment to gather useful information to know how to proceed in situations of need in the day to day in the region.

Between May 28 and 29, the much awaited meeting of suppliers and buyers to promote tourism and excellent business with destinations in Brazil is taking place, and to make your stay here the best possible, we have prepared a series of tips to help you in the mobility.

Punctuality and options to get around that fit different expectations and needs are essential factors to ensure that your visit is profitable and peaceful.

Get to know or remember some applications that you can download, which might help you and make your visit easier.


As an easy-to-use application, Uber serves different parts of Brazil and the city of Fortaleza, where the event will take place. You can use it to move from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the Events Center and also to other parts of the post-event city, as you wish.

The advantages are being able to request the nearest vehicle whenever you need, safely (driver and vehicles are identified at the time of the call) and with clear rates to be charged by pick-ups and drop-offs.

In addition to the conventional version, Uber also offers different categories, such as the UberBLACK call (which offers modern vehicles in black), UberBAG (cars with larger trunks) and the shared travel option, depending on how many people will be accompanying you, which can also be a good alternative.

It can be downloaded from the Play Store, Google Play, Androids, or the App Store for models like the iPhone.

You can pay in card or cash, at the travel time, if the vehicle is enabled.


Cabify is another mobility application available in Brazil, with high standard cars. However, they have just arrived in Fortaleza and, for now, the races are only available via taxi drivers in the city.

But they can also be an option for those who need to get around.


It is an option for female drivers and passengers only, inspired by the initiative of the Lady Driver app, which can be an option in the Great Fortaleza, for those who feel safer about using private vehicle only with women.

It can be downloaded just like all the other serving the region, in a similar way, only with the peculiarity of being aimed at the female audience.


As a very common alternative to Uber in Brazil, the 99 application also serves the Fortaleza region and is usually available in two categories: the 99pop and 99Táxi. In the latter case, when ordering the pick-up, you will be assisted by a taxi driver, in the conventional manner.

As for the first option, the client may request a private driver in their vehicle, as it happens to Uber and the others, for a competitive price.

So, are you already packing your luggage? Do not forget to check the Matcher Agenda and enjoy each and every moment to do good business!

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